One of the Berkshire Mammal Group’s aims is to promote the recording of mammals in Berkshire. So why not try out our records submission system?

The Mammal Society has a NATIONAL free app Mammal Mapper to record mammals when you’re out and about! The app is available for Android and for iPhone and will submit your records to the National Mammal Atlas Project (NMAP). You can find details of the apps Mammal Mapper apps here .

We welcome records on any type as they all help us understand the distribution of mammals in Berkshire. The records can include sightings of both live animals and roadkill, such as grey squirrels in your garden or dead hedgehogs on the road. We also collect records of signs of mammals, for example footprints, droppings, burrows or nests and evidence of feeding. There’s no type of record that we don’t want to hear about so please submit yours now.

You can also submit records to TVERC here

You can also enter all of your other species records and we will pass them onto the relevant groups. We share our records with the Mammal Society and TVERC so all the information you send us is put to good use.