Berkshire Dormouse Box Checking Group - We aim to continue monitoring our dormouse sites in 2020 and dates will be emailed to members BUT please be advised that outdoor surveys may get cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus situation and government advice.

Berkshire Mammal Group have been working with a very talented graphic artist to produce what we feel is a very informative and succinct infographic on the hazel dormouse. A JPEG is available here, or download the PDF file here.

Please feel free to download, read and share! We hope you enjoy it

The Berkshire Mammal Group currently monitor dormouse boxes at six sites in Berkshire that we visit monthly from April through till October. All sites  have had or currently have dormice using the boxes.

We will also be using a non-licensable method to survey for dormice in the coming years - footprint tunnels - kind of watch this space for more info and how you can get involved

If you are interested in taking part in any of these monthly checks then please email our Chair/Dormouse Officer Amanda for more information.

Dormouse - Clara Prieto